Prayer Requests and Needs List   4 comments

Let’s use this space to discuss any questions with regard to our discipleship journey, that we might have.

Prayer requests, struggles or just the need for encouragement.

Post your request or question, and together, we can help edify, lift, encourage and answer questions here.

With my hand in His


4 responses to “Prayer Requests and Needs List

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  1. News Flash! Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries has been registered as an NPO (Non Profit Organisation)! Our NPO no. is 86430. If anyone feels led to partner with us, please feel free to contact me at any time.

    With my hand in His

    Your servant and His


  2. Thsephelo is a gr11 star pupil with consistently excellent marks. He lives with his single mother and younger brother. Thsephelo is responsible for the house-cleaning and cooking while his mother works for a minimum wage trying to support her family as well as HIV orphans in the community. They live in a one-room shack. At their bible discovery group last week, Thsephelo asked that we would pray for Modimo (God), to please help him get a second hand bicycle that he could use to school as he travels about 15Km one way to school every day. He needs to get up really early and most days he does not have taxi fare. We pray this prayer will be answered soon Thsephelo. In Jesus name! If anyone reading this, feels led to assist in any way, please feel free to contact me at or on 082 302 0288.

    With my hand in His

  3. Hendrik is a man on fire for Jesus and discipleship. He moved to Gauteng from North West last year and has been renting a room with a non-believer. Hendrik has felt the pressure to move out and is moving to another home. He desperately needs one or two old grocery cupboards or something similar in which to store his groceries and personal belongings. If anyone can help, please contact us.

    With my hand in His


  4. On behalf of everyone at Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Hannalie of Bibles for Believers for having faith in us and sponsoring us with much-needed bibles! Many people that join our discipleship groups do not have their own bibles and share – thus limiting their spiritual growth.

    Hannalie of Bibles for Believers have come alongside Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries and generously donated these bibles!

    We know that God will continue to bless you in your ministry as you strive to bring the Word to those in need!

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