Famcare Ministries Ploughes into the Kingdom!   1 comment

It was a divine appointment, the Sunday I walked into a roadhouse (eating place), and met up with old acquaintances!  I had known this amazing couple and their family years ago through my daughter’s acrobatics.  I had not yet developed a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ at that time (though I would have argued that I was a Christian).  Dawn, my other “Mom” apparently prayed for me on a regular basis and “claimed” me for God and His Kingdom!  I was totally unawares of this until two weeks ago!


Dawn and Rudy, have in the meantime, settled into an established ministry of many years and Dawn felt the Holy Spirit tell her “Supply this woman’s needs”, whereupon she asked me what I was getting up to.  We shared about Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries and well, the rest is history!


Dawn asked me to drive by their ministry the Thursday as she had a few things that they would like to donate to Cornerstone.  My car was PACKED to the brim with items donated by Famcare Ministries for the community of Itsoseng and Cornerstone members!  I had the amazing privilege once again to distribute these much needed and cherished items to the community the next day!


Famcare Ministries, Dawn, Rudy and EVERY individual who made this possible – a humongous “THANK YOU”!  Due to your willingness and obedience not to mention generosity, many, many individual lives were touched in a magnificent way!


Jesus said that we need to make disciples, part of this wonderful mandate is being His hands and feet.  We are all called to be generous and put others above ourselves.  Famcare Ministries is a prime example of the love and care manifested by Jesus Himself.


Below is a link to Famcare Ministries, please feel free to take a look!



If someone has enough

money to live well and sees

a brother or sister in need but

shows no compassion – how can

God’s love be in that person?

Dear childeren, let’s not

merely say that we love each

other; let us show the truth

by our actions.

Our actions will show that we

belong to the truth, so we will

be confident when we stand

before God.

1 John 3:17-19




















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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to bless your people. We look forward to our next outreach xxx Pastor Dawn Hoffman

    Pastor Dawn Hoffman

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