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As asking for financial support is most definitely NOT one of my strongest traits, it is most humbly that I post this section of our ministry blog.  However, Father is working on me and I am learning that by NOT asking for assistance, I am also prohibiting Him from blessing those whom He has known before the foundations of the earth were laid, that would sincerely like to partner with Cornerstone or simply make a once-off donation.  So, for those individuals or companies who wish to partner with Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries, or simply make a once-off donation to help us meet the numerous and never-ending principal needs of the marginalised, as well as assist us in opening and establishing a baby-haven for abandoned and orphaned babies, the following banking details may be utilised.

Cornerstone Discipleship Outreach Ministries

Nedbank Westgate

Account No:  2001774982

Branch Code:  10110922

Type:  Savings Deposit Account

As Cornerstone is a registered Faith-based Non-Profit Organisation, (NPO no:  086-430-NPO), donations and contributions are tax-deductable by partners and companies.

A ledger will be kept by the appointed treasurer and an annual audit will be administered by a registered C.A. at the end of every financial year.  The ledger may be viewed by any partner or company at request.  The funds and donations will be prayerfully stewarded and distributed.  Some of the basic needs that require funding are:

Petrol / vehicle maintenance



Costs of urgent phone calls

Food / clothes

The establishing of a baby-haven for abandoned and orphaned new-born babies.

It takes the Body of Christ to help establish and maintain the effectiveness of missional discipleship and be the hands and feet of Jesus to His sheep.  Cornerstone is totally dependant on God and on your Spirit led call to partner with us in doing so.


With my hand in His